Karate Training And Supplements To Build Muscle

Karate Training

Karate is a fight technique that stems from centuries of both armed and unarmed combat. This fight technique has evolved over hundreds of years and has been perfected over time by many generationsSupplements To Build Muscle especially those of Chinese and Japanese origin. This article seeks to describe various important aspects of Karate training and some of the muscle building supplements important in this kind of training.


The first step in karate training is to rid one’s mind of all thoughts so as to enhance concentration. In meditation, one needs to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. This kind of breathing is very helpful in clearing one’s mind in preparation for karate training. Although there is no time limit, 10 minutes are enough to help one clear his/her mind.

Warm-Up and Stretching 

After meditation, one needs to do some warm-up exercises for instance by running around; or by doing some pushups, leg lifts or sit ups. Warming up helps in loosening muscles and eases tension. After warming up, it is important to stretch a bit so as to further loosen muscles and reduce one’s chances of getting injured in the training.

The Basics

There are many types of karate, but there are some basic stances that are common in all of these types. The following are some of the common stances:

  1. The Natural Stance

In this stance, the karate practitioner points one of his foot forward and the other one backwards and 45 degrees outwards. Moreover, the feet need to be placed apart in a natural walking distance.

  1. Front Stance

This is similar to the natural one, but the feet need to be placed further apart. Moreover, the practitioner’s weight needs to lie more on the front leg.

  1. Back Stance 

This stance is also similar to the natural stance, but the practitioner puts his weight more on the hind leg. In this stance, the practitioner may also raise his front heel.

  1. The Ready Stance 

This is the stance that one in training needs to start with. There are three major options in this stance:

  • Fukyugata –heels are placed together and toes point 60 degrees outwards
  • Pinan – feet are placed shoulder width and toes point 45 degrees outwards
  • Naihanchi – feet are placed parallel to each other


Staying In Balance 

Karate is a technique that needs the trainee to maintain balance. For the stances to be done correctly, the trainee needs to maintain balance. Furthermore, this balance needs not disappear once the trainee starts throwing kicks. To keep balance, one needs to be aware of his/her center of gravity (COG); spreading the feet helps lower the COG. It is also important to note that lowering the COG also reduces speed and mobility. Therefore, it is important to find a good COG/speed balance in karate training.

Punching and Blocking

There are several crucial punching techniques in karate, like straight punch, elbow strike and back fist. As much as punching is important, blocking is equally essential to counter attacks. The most important blocking tool is one of the arms; while using the other arm to attack immediately after blocking an attack.


There are several important kicks in karate, for instance the front, snap and back kicks. Doing repeated kicks of any particular type helps in strengthening the legs.


Karate training may appear like rocket science, but with persistence, you can go ahead and win the black belt. As you train, check out these useful karate training supplements:

  • MMA Training & Recovery Supplementation
  • Whey Protein
  • Glutamine
  • Creatine

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